Help Me Finish My Pinball Bike!

I need a few things to rap my pinball bike up, and some spare stuffs. FYI my set up is a55, puch hero 65 kit, 17.5 PHVA, Treats pipe, stock cdi. As far as what I need, here it goes...

First off I need a Puch header to make an intake out of. A stock header will work great. I know someone has a stocker laying around they can chop off for me!

I need a a35/a55 crank! Needs to be in good shape please!

I would love to come across a blue ducati cdi/coil combo for a vespa. The one that revs out. (For my Tomos)

I need PHVA jets! 80s range! Treats is out of stock!

I could use some ones head lathing services! I'll send a stock a55 head if some one could match it to a Puch hero for me I'd be in love!

I'm sure I'm forgeting things... PLEASE HELP! I have moneys to spend but not a ton, so please help a brother out! Significant contributions will get a personal thank you in my picture book! If that means anything at all, lol.

Re: Help Me Finish My Pinball Bike!

♣Slew Foot♣ /

being atl was batavus central a bat header chopped and slotted fits right on the hero and its 19mm od.

Re: Help Me Finish My Pinball Bike!

If you haven't already, contact Mars about head work. Pretty sure G. Motzing is wrapped up in vacation/rally/kids/life at the moment. Good luck man!

Re: Help Me Finish My Pinball Bike!

I thought about Mars! I searched for who's is doing g head work and found that Mars has recently stepped back due to having so many requests. I'd be ever so great full if he could squeeze me in!

Re: Help Me Finish My Pinball Bike!

i have a stock puch header i'll send ya for free ...if you still need one

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