WTB: av7 sims pipe

If anyone have a sims exhaust pipe for a moby they want to sell.

Pm me with a price with shipping asap.

Re: WTB: av7 sims pipe

You don't want the Sim pipe. But if you DO want the sim pipe, I have one I can sell ya for 35 shipped.

Re: WTB: av7 sims pipe

scott middleton /

it's not that bad. especially for the money. safety wire the nut and repack the silencer and you're gtg. AV7 mounting does take extra bracket to work. i like mine better than the stock blunderbuss. (edited)

Re: WTB: av7 sims pipe

Does not fit the exhause threads correctly. It will not fully seat into the cylinder. The mounts will break on a kitted ped. May work for stock/modded stock with 2 crush gaskets.

Re: WTB: av7 sims pipe


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