FS: Performance Vespa Stuff

So ya! Got some stuff i might be trying to sell cause the subframe on my Grande broke and now it all just sits. shipping not included.

Engine: 64cc DR kit, 12pin Mazzi Anticipato crank with SKF bearings and timken seal, points, stock cases bored to 13mm inlet and intake patch opened, polini variator, 13:13sha with malossi filter. 100 miles or so on it, super strong and reliable engine. $400

Euro Clutch: 90mm pulleys (get that top speed without race gears!), the most aggressive springs already setup in it. Blue contra spring. $120

Weakends Calibrata pipe: handmade by the weakends dudes. sick of how shitty your simonini sounds once the silencer loosens up and the packing gets toasted? won't happen here. correct me if i'm wrong but its the only one in existence. $160

Transmission: 10.75:1 freshly rebuilt using Graham Motzing's tranny rebuild tool. with the 90mm pulleys and this transmission, i was hitting low 50's with ease. $100

Rims: set of grande snowflakes with new tires on em, a Sava MC2 16x2.5" on the back and a IRC NC53 17x2.5" on the front. still have the nubbies on em and everything. $140

discounts available if you buy enough shit. pm me if you want pics or if you are interested. lets get this shit going boys. (edited)

Re: FS: Performance Vespa Stuff

Bump for parting out dumb vespas.

Re: FS: Performance Vespa Stuff

Dirty30 Dillon /

PM'd dude

Re: FS: Performance Vespa Stuff

Pm sent for variated euro clutch offer

Re: FS: Performance Vespa Stuff

everything is gone.

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