A55 cylinder jug 50cc

My exhaust stud snapped and I have a huge air leak, can't ride to work so this sucks hard. I only need a stock Tomos a55 cylinder jug with fresh exhaust studs.

Thanks gentlemen!

Re: A55 cylinder jug 50cc

jug head and piston 120+ shipping

Re: A55 cylinder jug 50cc

Maybe I am misunderstanding... but you can just remove the stud and get a new stud. I just had to do this on my A55. Is there a reason why you don't want to remove the broken bolt? I was able to get the proper stud at Ace Hardware.

Re: A55 cylinder jug 50cc

yea you should be able to get that out.

i would absolutely recommend doing so.

easyout stud removers are bad (at least easy to mess up much worse)

if you can't get it with vicegrips, I prefer using a dremel to cut a slot across the end of the broken stud and backing it out with a screwdriver

If you wanna just replace it all, I've got a good ported one, upjet and go faster AND have exhaust studs?! I'd sell it for 30 shipped. I might have a piston for it, but your old one'd be fine. It'd be like 5 extra bucks for the piston if i've got one. head too. (i might need the piston and head for other project though so maybe they not available)

I've also got a stock one on a bike so if you're really dedicated to stock, i can waste the time pulling that off, but then you're paying extra for my time instead of just the parts. and that's worth much. so like 60 shipped for the stock one.

also sorry to undercut, but i think 1/3 to 1/2 of 120 including shipping is a much more fair price for stock topends.

Re: A55 cylinder jug 50cc

Yea I wanted to keep my options open but I'm trying a dremel this week. I've tried to jb weld a nut on but that failed miserably. I guess it's worth buying a dremel.

@the real willd if I fuck it up more ill definitely be in touch buddy. Fair prices.

Re: A55 cylinder jug 50cc

ive used en easy-out to remove broken cylinder studs. exhaust studs should be easier. helps to drill a pilot hole with a tiny drill bit before using easy-out. (edited)

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