Batavus HS 50


I search for some parts for the Batavus HS 50.

mainly i search a Laura M56 engine, and the plastic cover for the right side of the engine.

To complete my Motorcycle..

Thanks for the attention.

Best regrads



Re: Batavus HS 50

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A hs 50 moped has a Laura m48 engine I thought.

Is Your bike motorcycle or a moped? Can you post a picture

Re: Batavus HS 50

might be a starflte hs50 , mines definitely got a M48.

Re: Batavus HS 50

I have new old stock M56 covers, if you are interested, I can ship them. e-mail me directly at

Re: Batavus HS 50


My HS-50 has deffinitly a Laura M56 engine i will send pictures tomorrow.

The Laura M56 HS 50 looks different then the starflite HS-50.

Re: Batavus HS 50

Here some fotos of my batavus HS 50..

You can see the parts where i need, this time..

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, i will take it better by the next time..

I hope i can fix this motocycle.


Re: Batavus HS 50

William Johnson /

First time I've seen a hs50 that didn't come with a m48

Re: Batavus HS 50

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William Johnson Wrote:


> First time I've seen a hs50 that didn't come with

> a m48

Euro bikes are many times different than bikes in the states

Re: Batavus HS 50

totally just got that it wasn't stateside but wow what a trip to see and very cool at the same time.

Re: Batavus HS 50

barney gierer /

The headtube angle seems dif or am I seeing things

Re: Batavus HS 50

Brent Bublitz /

Every HS50 I owned had the M48. Mounts are totally different from an M56. The add linked above shows M56, but it could be euro. Be realllllll sure before you buy parts.

On the bright side, if you genuinely have an M56, then a Minarell V1 is almost a straight bolt up.

Re: Batavus HS 50


I'm from germany.. The Batavus Moped are really rare here. It's hard to find.

That's the European version.. It was build and sell with parts from Germany and Neatherlands.

Really exotic engine, with no spare Parts Support in Germany.

Thats a real Laura M56 engine, i know the minarelli engine a small nice and performant engine for Mopeds.

The Batavus HS50 in Germany, was sold as a "Mofa". Thats mean, it's not so fast only 17 miles per Houre (25 km/h)..

But mine is a little faster 40 km/h 27 miles per hour..

Re: Batavus HS 50

Thats a batavus too with a Sachs 502 engine..

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