FS - Sparta (Ann Arbor, MI)

I also posted this on craigslist, but here it is. You can see more pics on the CL link: Sparta

I'm moving to Scotland, so I have to sell my bike. I've loved this thing ever since I purchased it, and it's done me amazingly well. If I could take it - I would, but sadly I can't.

It's a Sparta moped (some call it a Foxi, Foxy, or Stingray) with a Sach's engine and Bing carb. At the start of every year I go ahead and clean out the carb and flush the tank, but I haven't been able to this year. It does run, but it currently needs to be cleaned before I start it up.

Things to note:

Not in perfect shape - the thing is older than me, and probably you too.

The seat is ripping up, but works fine. (can be seen in the pictures)

The back portion of the exhaust popped off during a ride a couple years back and has disappeared from the planet, but it still rides fine. (can be seen in the pictures)

There are pegs for a second rider.

The light works, but need to be replaced.

I have the title.

This comes with 2 helmets (one black and one white) for free.

Comes with a chain and lock.

If you're able to spend a little time with this thing at the start of every year it will be a dream come true. You get about a billion miles to the gallon (maybe more), and the thing just looks amazing. You can park it for free in public garages, and you don't need insurance or anything like that.

I am asking $400 or best offer. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


Re: FS - Sparta (Ann Arbor, MI)

Keith Fuller /

Sold. A mod can delete it. Thanks.

Re: FS - Sparta (Ann Arbor, MI)

Did this make it to Ypsi? Feel like I've seen it around town..

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