FS 1979 Tomos Bullet Built A3 (Boston)

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Hey MA,

The time has come to sell my Burberrymos ('79 Bullet). This bike makes heaps of power. Every once in a while, you just luck in to a setup that is more than the sum of its parts, and this is that setup. Could be the super-revvy Ducati CDI, could be the extra compression, could be the light frame, I dunno. This bike makes more power and torque than my other kitted Tomos with the same carb, intake, and exhaust. This bike will allow you to rip wheelies in front of CVS and blast hills in second gear.

Engine-wise, it's:

Tomos A3 Bottom End

70cc DMP Reed Kit with needle bearing crank conversion

Hi-Comp Head (not sure what it is honestly, could be a Hero Puch head)

Mikuni VM20 Carb w/ Weak-Ends Intake (clears pedals no prob)

K&N Small Cone Filter

Homoet Tomos Exhaust

Ducati CDI Ignition (real deal as far as I can tell)

Other points of interest:

16" Grimeca 5-star Mags

Burberry Seat

Recent maintenance incl. new tranny fluid, carb clean, plug, plug boot, etc.

This bike has low gearing (stock 26x22) which is part of the reason that it puts so much torque to the ground. This setup is great for standing drag races and errands, but if you're going to rally this bike, you'll probably want to gear much taller...honestly, as with all highly-aftermarket bikes, you should tweak some things depending on your location and intended use. I can re-gear it for you if needed if we work something out. This setup has no CDI restriction and seems to flow a lot better in the upper RPM's than a lot of other cylinders - no restriction means you'll blow out Polini Puch's, but also that nothing's stopping you from blowing yourself up as well. With great power comes great responsibility.

I'd like $800 for this. The paradox with this type of bike is that it would be worth $500 stock - performance parts really don't seem to add nearly as much value as you'd like. I am NOT selling the bike for $600...I will part it out long before I do that. If there is enough interest, I may part it out anyway. May do a partial trade for tools or other stuff, bikes, never hurts to ask, offer away!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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