FS: NOS Solex Tires

No need to wait for shipping these babies through customs or shipping over seas!

No cracks!

$30 each you pay for shipping or you can pick up in Worcester/Boston/maybe NYC if I visit in the near future

I prefer Minarelli and just picked up a RD50 if you got anything to trade

Re: FS: NOS Solex Tires

You'll need to state the size, as there are a few different size Solex tires. Photos?

Re: FS: NOS Solex Tires

Ahhh didn't know that. Thanks thought all solex tires were the same.

These are Michelin 1 1/3-19


Re: FS: NOS Solex Tires

OK, so those will fit models 1400, 1700, S 2200, S 3300, S 3800 and 4600.

Re: FS: NOS Solex Tires

Thanks for the help

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