fs ft fast big header V1stock pipe

I ended up w more than one after all... 22mm header "faster n louder" stock style V1 pipe! Not 19mm header like most. Straight open ended slant tip chamber w factory bend and mount points for pretty much any V1 frame. Will shine up very well everywhere it shows. Fat header is also perfect fit for slip on aftermarket expansion chamber. Factory diamond stamp chrome finish and 31". How's $15 plus exact cheapest shipping? Or free and free ship for trading a pair of 16" tubes and one 17" tube?



Re: fs ft fast big header V1stock pipe

Hey Monti, that's not the pipe I sold ya, is it?

Re: fs ft fast big header V1stock pipe

Nope, this one was in a trade grabbag ... Your pipe is the shorty cigar pipe on my blanco :)

Other trades BTW... I need a couple 20x1.75 tubes and one or two skinny thin-rail-tread-patterned 20x1.75 tires for my Zanetti ... Also need other Zanetti things trade or I'm buyin' (edited)

Re: fs ft fast big header V1stock pipe


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