WTB MBK Stock Variator

I know for the advanced 'pedder this is not the most desired, but with so many of the Moped Army taking these off I am hoping to find a reasonable priced stock Motobecane variator to put on my Traveler

Re: WTB Motobecane Stock Variator/Clutch

Forgot to include that I would also need the clutch assembly not just the variator

Re: WTB MBK Stock Variator

I've got a few stock variators sitting around, but none of them have really shiny clutch drums. If you dont care too much about the chrome, send me a PM and I'll get you some pics and a cost.

Re: WTB MBK Stock Variator

Bump-please take a look and see if you have a mechanically good stock variator!

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