Need Sachs auto clutch pads/plates

I need at least one more clutch pad/ plate for Sachs 505 automatic. If you're selling more than one or the whole assembly then that works too, I'll probably be destroying mine once I strap on this 80cc kit. Thankya


Re: Need Sachs auto clutch pads/plates

German eBay is a decent place to look. But most don't ship to the US, so if you have an international contact you can have them relayed to the US... Also US eBay might have a few. Us that roll Sachs like keeping extras laying around, bud.

But good luck with the 80cc build. Reed or PP 80cc? Post up a build log so's we can see it.

Re: Need Sachs auto clutch pads/plates

I've been searching Germany eBay, haven't found anyone who would ship international, and I don't know anyone in Europe. Maybe you know someone who could help me out?

Reed 80cc, so I need to convert to a 7 piece clutch and spline the clutch hub to the crank which I can do. I just need to find that pad and plate -__-

Do you think there would be interest in seeing this build? Might be pretty neat.

Re: Need Sachs auto clutch pads/plates

Actually just found a good package

Wonder what this shipping's gonna do to my wallet X)

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