FT Derbi RD50

Feeler. Have no interest in even a mild moped project right now. Have this RD-50 rough, but... DT125 forks and front wheel, including rotary steering dampener, NOS tank with some shelf wear that has been used for about 6 mos.

Pyramid reed engine that isn't running, no spark. Also clutch was dragging when it last ran, so that would need to be looked into... no title.

I'd like a daily driver. Decentish shape, preferably mildly kitted/piped/ect. Something with readily available parts.

Email only please!


Re: FT Derbi RD50

where are you located?

Re: FT Derbi RD50

oops. bike is in central PA, but I will be bringing it back to pittsburgh within the month.

Re: FT Derbi RD50

Spencer Jacobson /

I've got a running nostalgia with a 14 bing, biturbo and new tires I'd trade. No paperwork but I'll deliver/pick up.

Re: FT Derbi RD50

No thanks on the nostalgia.

Re: FT Derbi RD50

How about a nice red tomos targa lx 2001. 22t sprocket and only 1300 miles.

Re: FT Derbi RD50

r⚡️o⚡️d⚡️ n⚡️e⚡️y /

nice talking to you ben!! cant wait, hope to hear from you soon man!


Re: FT Derbi RD50

Yesssss! The secret code worked! Ohh and haha to the tomos trade

Re: FT Derbi RD50

Considering it sold to Rodney. Thanks!

Re: FT Derbi RD50

how about a tsm in about the same shape?

Re: FT Derbi RD50

Grats Rodney

Re: FT Derbi RD50

Fuckin rodddddddneeeeeeeeyyyy

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Re: cheap gucci clothing

r⚡️o⚡️d⚡️ n⚡️e⚡️y /

Re: FT Derbi RD50

r⚡️o⚡️d⚡️ n⚡️e⚡️y /

Benjamin L Wrote:


> Considering it sold to Rodney. Thanks!

see that?

whos the fucking prick that's trying to steal this bike from under me?

Re: FT Derbi RD50

not moderating the spam post because rodney is h-larryous.

and ftw, etc, btw.

how is it that it takes me like 10 minutes to put a hyperlink in a post but this dude does like a million of them all over....

Re: FT Derbi RD50

Oops I jumped on the trade offer, lol.


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