Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

1975 Casal K166 2-speed 50cc moped, a beautiful Portuguese-made bike based on the German "Zundapp" engine.

This has been *completely* torn down, and all wearable parts replaced (bearings, washers, shims, brake pads, cables, etc.).

Frame was professionally sandblasted and powder-coated in Harley Davidson "Revenge Cherry", closely matching the original colour.

Tires replaced with Slovakian white-walls, and a chrome rear rack added (from the K168 model).

A pair of orange saddle-bags added for extra 70's glory.

All work has been documented at (although I'm still not finished writing up all the articles!)

It's a gorgeous 70's bike, has a great note and doesn't 4-stroke even down a good hill. Gets to 55km/h easily. I've ridden it on a number of hour-long runs with no issues.

$2000 obo, or trade for motorcycle (2cyl/200cc or thereabouts). I'm in Toronto, you can arrange shipping if you're not!


Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

2,000? Accidentally put another 0 on there?

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Here's a picture from before it was *completely* torn down:



Woooooow, you really went to town on that thing, didn't you?

Sorry dude, but what you have there is a pretty well done $500 bike. Maybe $600. Ride the shit out of it and enjoy it, but you wouldn't be able to sell it for $2000 if it were the last moped on earth.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

This one was 1900 i think in beginning now down to $1500

Loos new though.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Obviously you neither understood the words "every last bearing" nor "to original", nor bothered to browse the blog. Think before you post.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Nah. It'll sell, just not here! It's not a project bike anymore, it's a keeper.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

She's a beauty, but the moped market simply does not support that price point., at least in the USA. You will likely get more in Canada. Good luck.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

yeah, maybe if you had the side covers, and the gas tank???? maybe 1000$. kind of a boring bike tho. it's cool, don't get me wrong, but it's just got a big bent pipe for a frame. no cool tank, or weird stamped metal chassis. like 103's r pretty. mobys...even maxi frames have those distinct lines. other tube frame bikes usually have some "point of interest." like a pinto tank or at least a cool emblem. the front fender looks kinda goofed up too. you go talking 4 digits, things need to be perfect as fuck.

if it was a super clean 60's bike, maybe. if it went 75 mph reliably, maybe. but nahhhh. it's a decent regular ass moped. which is awesome, but rarely gets 1k let alone 2.

a guy offered me 1000$ for the 103 in my profile. it's clean as fuck, mostly og, starts every time, goes almost 40, a has done 2 rallys. i was like "nahhhh." another guy offered me a sick ass sig sauer .45. it was a good trade, but i could go get that gun at bass pro shop. 103's with 9 out of 10 original paint r a little tuffer to come by.

if you think it's worth 2k, you must be in love with it, which only begs the question: so why don't you marry it?

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Mopeds are worth what people will pay for them. Basically, you are trying to sell a Bugatti to a crew that is chuffed with a rusty Yugo, and you're mocking us for not understanding how much work it took.

Everyone in this forum knows how much work you put into it, but no one pays for nostalgia and no one asked you to do what you did. If you want to make money, then find a client and do what they want. If you want to build a great ped for yourself, you can do that, too...but don't expect other people to care about your resto, expecially not for $1200 more than a completely rebuilt Maxi.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Wow! You're offended because you're not interested! Make an offer or don't buy it!

But don't yell at the shopkeeper because you know the fancy-label-priced jeans come off the same factory line as the Walmart ones!

Any angrier and you're likely to go smashing windows!

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Where is the gas tank? I've heard about these amazingly frugal mopeds but zero gas , now that's a keeper. If it runs without a tank then it's really worth something

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

The whole frame plus the box under the seat. About 2.5 litres. Zoom in to see the petcock and tank cap.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Wow !! And this was how they came ?

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

Yep! There is a breather valve at top that you could theoretically use as an inlet to a secondary tank.

Re: Completely rebuilt 1975 Casal K166

I would love to have that and I will trade you a running sl 350 Honda problem is I’m in Cali

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