Wtb fa50 cylinder

I am in desperate need of a decent cylinder. I had a piston pin clip come out on me the other day and it destroyed everything. Treat land and 1977 are out of the upgrade kits and I go to beach in 2 weeks. Gotta take my little chick magnet.

I will pay fast with paypal. Thanks for any help!

Re: Wtb fa50 cylinder

I would look into getting the cylinder bored over. You can get a .5 overbore piston kit on ebay for $21 from Japan, a top bearing for $6, and the cylinder boring should cost about $40 to $60 at a decent shop.

Re: Wtb fa50 cylinder

Marvin Evatt /

I would but it's completely destroyed. I actually had to break it to get the piston out. I,appreciate the input though!

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