Scooter Technigas chrome exhaust- $60

Plus maybe $10 shipping, but $60 sounds better...

I think it goes to a kymco super 9 maybe, or something like that. If you actually want to use it on a scooter, i can figure out exactly what it goes to, but i was just going to hack it onto a tomos. Its a pretty big pipe and should be a high rpm blaster.

New in the box nice and shiny. Kinda beat up from moving around.

Re: Scooter Technigas chrome exhaust- $60

this is a killer deal. Good hack and weld for any moped. I love technigas scoot scoot pipes.

Re: Scooter Technigas chrome exhaust- $60

Jimmy Cincinnati /

sell me the baffel!

Re: Scooter Technigas chrome exhaust- $60

yeah super heavy duty well made pipe, no restrictors or BS. these things are wide open rippers!

jimmy, the baffle is 70 bucks, and it comes with a free pipe!!

seriously though i'd probably keep the chamber and send you the baffle for 45 shipped?

i'm running motocross silencers on all my bikes now, cheap cheap!

Re: Scooter Technigas chrome exhaust- $60

I'll take it.

I will send you a private message.

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