WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

I'm looking for the 15 mm intake for my motobecane 7. I have a dellorto 15 on the intake now and she goes like 35 downhill but my intake only has the 10 mm ID so I feel like I'm not getting as much out of it as I can. Let me know if you have one and a price. 1977 has an intake but doesn't have the size dimensions and they haven't responded to my email so I figured I'd check here if anyone has one

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

15mm moby 7 intake? I'm not sure if such a thing exists..

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

Supposedly they made a 10 13 and a 15. I can't complain about my bikes speed but the low end is horrid and I'm hoping a new intake will help out and give it a little more umph

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

Hmmm makes me wonder what's on my gf's bike now... wish a 50V intake would fit :( But why would a French bike be easy?

The low end on hers is pretty crappy too, can't climb a hill to save it's life either. Really wish it was variated. I've been thinking about doing some port work on it but too many projects yada yada.



Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

I can go like 20 up a pretty steep hill with a running start. It's really the take off that's horrible. I tried modifying the slide but that didn't do too much or I didn't modify the slant enough. Also I haven't taken her out too far because of this whole pennsylvania titling issue.

If I knew how to read French I'd try to see what size those intakes are.

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

Second says 13mm right in the title. Not sure about shipping to US though :( And if you use google chrome it will translate pages automatically. Pretty sweet. Or copy/pasting into google translate usually makes it coherent enough to read.

Haven't really heard of many people 'tuning' SHA's much. But eh maybe you know more than me.

Any response from 77 yet?

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

I just read the one article about modifying the slide on a sha to create more of a nozzle effect to lean it out but it only affects the mixture at anything before 1/4 throttle. I don't know much about mopeds but this place has definitely helped.

Also no word from 77 yet.

Anyway what size carb do you have on your 7. Plus that thing looks amazing and makes me want to clean mine up.

Re: WTB motobecane 7 15 mm intake

14.12 SHA on it right now. Haven't GPSed it yet but according to stock speedo (which i'm sure is 100% correct) tops out at about 30. Runs OK. Needs think it needs a new set of points because it idles kind of funny and backfires every once in awhile. I read somewhere that the aftermarket points treats sells have some metal rivet that wears down and upsets timing, but I can't find the thread lol.

Yeah I put quite a bit of work into it. Was a present for my gf but she hardly ever rides it. Needs a few other minor things fix but otherwise is a strong runner. Was a $150 ped when I bought it.


But I like the 7. Really beautiful color blue and the bolt on tank is pretty handy in my opinion. Definitely not made to go fast w/ it's 76mm brake shoes and non-variated engine but still a tone of fun nonetheless.

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