FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Here are some pictures of the bike on the blog I did.


I want to try and offer up the bike as a whole with either a points ignition or an HPI CDI inner rotor. You can also have your choice of a DR 70cc cylinder, Malossi 70cc cylinder, Stocko Shocko cylinder or PAII cylinder. you may also choose between the custom weakends pipe I built, proma, wsr or H95 exhaust. You may also choose between a TJT and notched variator. 21mm PHBG 0r 19mm clone PHBG with Malossi intake.

The front end is from a KX-80. The Goldenboy 244's were new a month ago

New BX40 belt or AX39. You may have your choice between the 380mm sebac rear shocks or 340mm

let me know your interest and we will go from there.

**A Special Note**

-Yes, that is a custom swingarm that ScooterTrash had built some time back.

-Yes, I do have the authority from Scooter to sell it.

-Yes, I would feasibly part out just this subframe

But here is the most important part................I WILL BUILD YOU A CUSTOM SUBFRAME CHEAPER THAN WHAT YOU CAN BUY THIS ONE FOR.

(READ: it aint gonna be cheap by itself because if I do sell it, Scooter is gonna get PAID!)

Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Also, the original main top gas tank I put on this bike has been destroyed (by me) It was a shitty tank anyway....

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Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Fish tits Krauthamer /

already finished the tat?

Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Finished? No

Home? Yes

Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Looking to part out. PM shipped prices for the items you would like please

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Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

Front end SOLD

Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build


Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build

-Frame with seat and auxillary tank (frame is a hobbit that has been heavily strengthened and modified as well as had the engine mount and rear shock mount moved towards the rear 6-1/2") - $175 OBO shipped

-Rear swingarm by itself with nothing but the dragbar/foot rests -$250 OBO shipped

Re: FS: My Hobbit TAT build


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