Feeler F/S Wisconsin

Any Wisconsin people looking for bikes yet? I'm working on a lead for four bikes. All '77-78 years, 3 with titles, fourth is a parts bike. Can tell you there are 2 Puchs, one has title and was the guys good driver. Other is the parts bike believed to be missing the cylinder, otherwise complete. Other 2 bikes are a Motobecane and a Cimatti. Both titled and believe to be complete and able to run.

Wednesday I go look at them and try to work out a deal. Any interested parties out there looking for bikes? I'm not sure if any bikes are ones I want to keep for sure but I'm up for letting the rest go to good homes.

Anyone interested hit me up. More info to come Wednesday.

Re: Feeler F/S Wisconsin

Benjamin LaPlante /

Yeah for sure!

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Nicholas Voigt /

Here's what I have.

The city bike here was the gentlemans good runner. I haven't tried to start it yet but it all looks like like it will run. Some fresh gas, carb clean and a new plug should get it going. One pedal shaft looks like the pedal must have striped and was welded back up. All switches and levers look to be there and operational. Titled and asking $225. Also comes with new spare tire.

Next is a Motobecane 7 again everything is there and looks original and be able to run with a little work. Titled and asking $225.

Next are 2 maxi. White one is a pretty complete parts bike. Missing cylinder and head but cranks over freely. Also missing flywheel cover

Second maxi is blue and complete. Comes with sweet rack and horn.

blue maxi has clean title. Asking $300 for both.

Pm me for more info.


Re: Feeler F/S Wisconsin

Stephanie Rose /

Damn I'll be in Milwaukee at the end of July . I'd snatch the puchs up

Re: Feeler F/S Wisconsin

7 looks amazing! Puchs would be a great deal too! GLWS!

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