WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

One dellorto ds racing edition carburetor for sale. like this one http://www.treatland.tv/dellorto-PHBG-21mm-black-race-carburetor-p/dellorto-phbg-21-ds-race-2699.htm

comes with the parts for the cable choke also, since i bought those. comes with the stock jets. the plastic screw on thing for air filters on the back. everything it came with stock. except i bought the pull up choke for it. comes with a extra rubber fuel screw o-ring too. and the carb, just got rebuild this spring.

95$ shipped in continental usa. ill even give you 2 freaking weeks to set it up to make sure it works for you since it never worked for me and return it, your cost, back shipping, for your 95 bucks back if it doesnt tune to your bike.

also, jet kits. 2 main jet kits. dellorto brand. 75-98 10 jets. 15$ 100-122 10 jets. 15$. shipped. buy both, 28$ shipped.

malossi main jet box 6$ shipped. add one jet kit, 4 dollars$ is the price. both add it for 3$

bgm-pro needle set. missing or raped, 2 needles. them would be the w12 and w8. W3, W4, W5, W7, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W25.. minus them messed up ones. or missing. 12$ shipped.

i also have other needles. just about most of them. 7 $ each. shipped. buy more than 2 and their only 6 each. buy 5 or more, and the 5th one is 5.50 and there on. so 4 for 6 each then theyll be 5.50 each after. 1 or 2 are 7 each. shipped. i can write these down later..

ehh https://www.treatland.tv/dellorto-PHBG-fancy-lever-choke-p/dellorto-phbg-fancy-lever.htm that choke. for some reason it doesnt hold down. you can hold it down yourself. 12$ shipped. swap on the carb for 7$ more. with it for 10$.

number #30 throttle slide. hows about 11$ shipped.

also got, some clips. 2 total. the ones that go on the needle. 1.50 each or 1.00 with anything else you get too. shipped. and theyll come in an envelope with a stamp on it. probably inbetween 2 pieces of cereal box cardboard.

air filter screw on adapter 36mm 3.75$ shipped. its bulky plastic thing a ma thing. it has a couple dings. from prying it out of my airbox.

like au atomizers? how about 12$ each? AU 258-260-264-266-268-270. 3 then from there on up 11.00$. 5 then, 10$. so 1 is 12, 2-24, 3 35 4-46. 5 56$. 6 all of therm 66 dollars shipped.

oh yea filters. ill clean these or leave them uni oiled, and havent been sitting for too long. and havent been used much. http://www.treatland.tv/malossi-PHBG-RED-air-filter-E8-p/malossi-phbg-e8-filter-046199.htm

15$ shipped.

just got this one. http://www.treatland.tv/polini-peugeot-air-filter-p/polini-peugeot-filter-203.0010.htm 18$ shipped. not even 20 miles on it.

also, a straight uni-filter 32mm 10$

15 degree angled 32mm uni filter- 11$

38mm angled uni-filter, i dont need none of these, 13$ shipped.

costs on these are amount of use. i can reclean and reuni oil any of these. if you want it. not more than oh maybe 400 miles and left indoors. others, around the same, or the biggest one, not over 100 miles.

ask for pics ill post some later

i take paypal. we'll split hte paypal costs. negotiate. (edited)

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Post some pics of the lot. I may be interested in at least the jets, but it's your first post. So pictures would help.

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

i forgot i have a pilot jet set too. bgm-pro 30-50. 14$ shipped.. bgm-pro 30,32,35,38,40,42,44,46,48,50

i also have a 70 degree bendy thing for the carb top. 6$ shipped. 4 if added to the carb.

about the carb. the choke cable, rubber cap thing is got a cut in it. i ripped the one on the carb, and had to replace it. so i figured the choke didnt need to be airtight, so it goes with it. it came from twisting the top off without moving the rubber airtight thing up, out of my way. it ripped it. so, the ripped one is included with the choke. has a cut in it. carb also comes with an extra set of lock washers too, and a rubber back nipple cover.

the 32mm straight uni doenst have a red cover, so 8.50$ for it shipped

malossi red filter, has the little plastic clip cut, for the phbg connection, i think. so its only for phbg, ill have to read the manual. 32mm connections these phbgs.

i have an extra pilot, maybe 2. original dellorto. 5.50 shipped. 37 is the only number i can remember right now. think that might be it. (edited)

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /


Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Pm'd on the jets

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

both main jet kits sold. malossi jet box, and 32mm straight filter gone. i have a 32 and 37 pilot jet also extra dellorto brand. for sale.

so, both the main jet kits and these things, pilot jet kit needle jet kit, malossi jet holder box, 32mm straight uni-filter. sold.

here's more, pics of the carb.


Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

the extra #37 pilot jet, w8 needle, needle kit, and pilot jet kit gone.

i have an extra 32 pilot jet too, that i found, dellorto brand.

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Got my jets, bump for a good seller!

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

32mm 15 degree uni sold.

still have au atomizers. and 21mm dellorto racing phbg ds carb. and pretty much every different, dellorto w series needle but the ones, in the needle jet set.

and the 2 phbg filters. and a 38mm angled uni. malossi phbg filter is pretty much set and tab cut for a phbg.

get your atomizers cheaper and needles cheaper and faster

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Zach McNally *UpJet* /

You still have the angled malossi?

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Got pictures of the air filters you have left?

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits


ill clean them and reoil them if needed before i ship them. theyve not been stored long. or are clean.

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

Zach McNally *UpJet* /

I'll take that malossi!

Re: WTS moped dellorto 21mm phbg, kits

How much for all the filters in the pictures you posted

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