FS/FT vespa go-faster single-speed upgrades

wanna cruise into the mid/hi 30's with an otherwise essentially "stock" Ciao?

just put this ~7:1 rear transmission, this ~40mmish front clutch assembly and this ~80mmish rear pulley on your pre-tuned stocker (stock or stock modded motor cases, intake and cylinder, with a stock 12 or 13 carb, appropriate jetting and a decent pipe)

This 7:1 transmission is up to a 100% improvement over factory ≤14:1 ratios and is completely plug and play compatible with any vespa ciao, bravo, grande, si rims spokes or mags

This 40mm clutch is fully assembled and complete including the bell and all the guts and spacers and springs and shoes and nuts and is a 40% improvement over the typical factory 27.5mm clutch and is completely compatible with stock or single speed aftermarket springs/arms/shoes

This 80mm rear pulley is a 15% improvement over factory 92mm pulley run and the id race is at factory specs for stock or aftermarket replacement belt profiles

For example, we took this lil red 78 rigid to WB as a weekend loaner/spare. It purred like a kitten and did a couple hundred miles over the weekend, but she only maxed out 19mph wot with its little 12.7 sha, 43 jet, the tiny stock pipe chamber and a 14:1 hub.

The next weekend, I swapped out a 12.12 sha w 52 jet, hiflow airbox, grande chrome pipe, 7:1 hub, big clutch and small pulley and dusted a stock hobbit -II on the flats. yeah yeah, i had to pedal every hill but thats what hobbits do best anyway. Out in the open though, this 1sp combo was ~36 fast, quiet, cool temps and low revs without a kit or case mods.

I'd like to get $100 shipped out of it all plus im often into tradesies



Re: FS/FT vespa go-faster single-speed upgrades

^ beautiful ciao

Re: FS/FT vespa go-faster single-speed upgrades

Thanks... Its got a new home a couple neighborhoods away but we stay in touch :)

1speed-more-speed-combo solllld ... Thanks as always

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