WTB 16mm A35 SHA intake

Eoban Binder /

This is probably a long shot, but I'm looking around for a good intake: 15 or 16mm, for Dellorto SHA, that fits a Tomos frame, for four-bolt reed intake port (A35 and whatnot), that swings out to the side.

The best candidate I've found was Graham Motzing's short-lived run of blue intakes from a couple years ago. Looks great but I don't think he made that many of them.

Anyone bored with their SHA setup and want to sell me their side intake?

Re: WTB 16mm A35 SHA intake

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Yeah and the aftermarket 15mm "L" intakes that look stock are no better than stock... My 15mm measured out to only be 13mm.

I drilled my stock 12mm straight shot intake out to about 14.75mm safely. If you dont mind the hassel of under the frame intakes then go that route. There is a lot of power to be gained by eliminating that bend.

Re: WTB 16mm A35 SHA intake

trac intake.

Re: WTB 16mm A35 SHA intake

Sal RVA mopeds LLC /

like these... lol they are some jewels now!



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