FS: HONDA HOBBIT Parting Out PA50II 1978

Randy Baker /
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This is a repost of a lot of very nice parts. I attempted to sell these last fall but was caring for my 81 years young aunt who had cancer, and now she's in a better place. These parts came from a bike that obviously was garaged as rust was a non issue.

Visit the link below for photos. Prices are marked on photos images also. I need to buy a new inverter for my solar panel project so I'm motivated to move these parts. What you see below is what is available. Happy motoring...!


10.00 PA50 II Saddle Seat

10.00 PA50 II Rear Shocks

20.00 PA50 II Front Forks Suspension Shocks

10.00 PA50 II Rear Luggage Rack

10.00 PA50 II Handlebar Mounting Clamp Set

30.00 PA50 II Handlebars With Hand Controls - Nice Chrome

10.00 PA50 II Front Brake Cable

10.00 PA50 II Rear Brake Cable

10.00 PA50 II Decompression Release Cable

10.00 PA50 II Chain (removed in working order)

15.00 PA50 II Chain Tensioner

10.00 PA50 II Rear Brake Cover

20.00 Pa50 II Speedo Cable (tested good)

10.00 Pa50 II Speedo (tested good)

20.00 Pa50 II Speedo Front Gear (tested good)

20.00 PA50 II Reflectors 4 Total NICE

10.00 PA50 II 1978 Wiring Harness

20.00 PA50 II Front Headlight and Bezel (tested good)

05.00 PA50 II Horn Cover ( stress cracks )

05.00 PA50 II Moped Resistor

15.00 PA50 II Taillight with Mount ( no cracks - one light scuff )

30.00 PA50 II Frame ( with valid bill of sale - no title available )

05.00 PA50 II Forks to Frame Bolt Cover and Bearings

05.00 PA50 II Misc Nuts Bolts / Motor Pivot Bolt

10.00 PA50 II Tool Kit

20.00 PA50 II 1978 Fenders Yellow Pair (NICE)

60.00 PA50 II Front and Rear Wheels w/ Used Tires ( better photos to come)

20.00 PA50 II Ignition w/Key

I ship US Mail for most stuff, glad to quote you parcel post to save money. Can also go with Fedex Ground. Prefer US Postal money orders but will accept the blasted Paypal. 5% discount for US Postal Money orders. Excellent references on request as I've been selling online since 1999.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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