FS: many Moped Stuff(s)

Senor Juanito /

Puch Speedometers with cable, $11 shipped

Puch Wheelset Spoked Thick Version $150 Shipped

Stock cylinder, Piston rings & wristpin in running condition $25 shipped (Hi torque)

Stock cyl piston rings & pin in running condition $20 shipped (lo torque)

12 bing in good working condition $25 shipped

Levers (just the levers) not the whole assemblies, $10 shipped for the pair

Puch ignition coil $ 12 Shizzipped.

Puch rackz $9 plus shizzipping

Puch Brake plates Front 16 shipped including pads.

Puch brake plates rear 16 shipped including pads minus return spring SOoosorry bout dat.

Used puch brake pads complete set good meat on em', $12 shipped 80mm

Puch handlebar clamps $10 shipped

OEM Puch Clutch 2 shoe, $25 shipped good shape

Puch Stock Crank $35 shipped

MOBY headlamp assembly with nice condition ring 15 Shipped No sealed beam

Moby headlamp assembly nice ring, $20 Shipped with Sealed beam.

Moby Clutch Drum $10 shipped use em as clutches or make a great ash tray!

Moby Bottom end, FAG bearings, new seals, stock crank, no variator or magneto Rebuilt, never used. $70 shipped

Moby Front Brake plate Plus pads, $20 shipped

Moby kickstand NOT bent. good shape, $20 shipped

Moby Chrome : you name it , i got it.

Moby intakes, Long curvey ones that fit dellortos $10 shipped


A35 Cylinder piston rings and wrist pin $30 shipped running shape

a35 cy piston and rings wrist pin, **broken exhaust stud $20 shipped running shape

a35 magneto covers, x3 $25 shipped good condition, black

Set of white tomos mags, $90 shipped, near flawless condition straight and true. no cracks.

Minarelli Shitz,

v1 Stock piston and cylinder, $30 shipped

V1 stock head, rounded $20 shipped

Those two together $40 shipped

V1 side facing intake $10 shipped

Any assorted bing shit. ask about it. I;ve got a box full of bing stuffs

Re: FS: many Moped Stuff(s)

I'll buy the puch crank if you still have it.

Re: FS: many Moped Stuff(s)

Is everything cash only? Or will you accept trades for parts?

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