WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

I have a Garelli up for grabs! it was the 20mph radial cylinder that I ported porting thread anyhow that got it into the low 30's. Next I added a pipe, opened the carb up to 14mm on the 12mm side and re-geared to 11x31, now she gets to about 40 with decent bottom end.

So that was the good part, here is the bad part, the carb leaks out of the banjo, the gasket is gone, easy fix but I havent done it. There was also a pin hole in the tank, not from rust though, the original owner had drilled it for some reason? Whatever I creamed the tank, problem solved. The headlight ears were also knocked off at some point and welded back on (not by me) the welds arent that great but they are holding.

Otherwise everything works, headlight taillight everything, she starts easy and runs strong

So I'd like to either sell this thing (make me an offer) or trade it (trade+cash) I need Hobbit stuff, pretty much anything go fast besides a pipe, I already have a Proma


-pa50 2 ramp plate

-variator stock or performance

-pa 50 2 reeds

-15mm-20mm carb (mikuni/phbg)

-clutch springs

-a head light and taillight would be nice as well (edited)

blue garelli.jpg

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I maybe can bring this if u have a buyer lined up and or if sum one is going thro dayton ohio

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He must be talkin to Jake Miller...Oh wait Jake don't miss JACK!

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I've got a set of puch skinny spokes with tires/tubes. Also have a shitton of hobbit stuff still. Have a 19mm phbg pull choke too. Interested in PR derbi stuff, MLM hobbit peoples pipe, or cash monies!

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Looking for a RUNNING solid garelli noi that I can bolt up and go on. Will trade an a35 needing a rebuild and ignition or cash

Will also sell said a35 outright

For more i can leave it on the 94 light blue frame it's on, missing headlight, volt regulator and shocks. Has wheels on it

have a za50 Ducati Cdi with an extra box. This is practically new but wasn't working well for me, needs ignition coil rewound I think, solid lighting coil.

Have a red ciao circle post frame. No forks, seat or petcock

have a new (less than 4 miles) moby stock variator

Make an offer or request pics if interested in anything. As long as its reasonable, I'll bite, I'm sure.

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Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

Garelli is sold!

I still need a pa50 2 ramp plate and some pa50 2 reeds

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I have some derbi pr and pp top ends.

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I pmed you Kevin.

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My puch wheel set is spoken for!

Also have a hobbit rear trans/pulley set available for the right price.

Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

Ill be bringing a 74 ciao parts bike, also a columbia commuter frame if it will fit in my truck

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Any interest in a'65 k-15 hill-billy?Starts first kick,95%complete rims rust-free,good seat&tank,side covers intact.Missing:rear rack,ignition switch,large off-road sprocket,title.$550

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and yes, i'm going to wizbiz in case that wasn't obvious enough by me posting earlier

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Rick I'm not going to wiz biz but I may be a buyer on that hillbilly.

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Ill be bringing a conplete ciao bottom end, spins free and had spark. 12 pin i beleive. I will double.check.if anyone is interestrd

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Sachs 80 motor feeler

Not looking for trades.

Athena 80 Reed Cyl

Kevlar Clutches

New Boyseen reeds

Custom 19mm intake

decomp plugged

Rigid mounted motor

gianelli exhaust w/ custom mounts so it only mounts to motor - not frame

no carb

stator and flywheel included

Includes a spare set of cases

Not looking for trades.

Looking for 4 bills - I'd love to sell for less, but I'm trying to buy a tig rig. I bought nicks 3 speed for 5bills, but it ended up needing a ton a shit - so nobody bring that up. This thing is fresh built and ready to go.

Have a prima frame w/ rebuilt forks, tank, brand new pirelli 16" rear tire, needs front wheel, comes with prima sachs long seat.

Not looking for trades.

Grab the frame and shit too for an extra $50.

$400 for just the motor is a little high, but $450 for the motor and frame is ok - so take em' both PLEASE. I feel like a dick even asking for 4 since willd sold his 80 prima for 500 running, but damn, seeing if someone wants it.

I got one of those paypal card readers so paypal, cash or card. Not looking for trades.

PM if interested.


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I will have a airsal 74 av7 light use matched case very nicely ported comes with airsal crank never installed 74cc head with decomp a set of gold moby mags needs rear brake plate/axle new variators stock topends ect will also bring a nice maxi roller maybe a eagle2 frame w/505d and sachs Seville frame if there is interest ohh ya think theres any interest in a Honda clone pit bike 110cc runs great or a 78 Yamaha champ 80cc 2t mini dirt bike runs ok could use a carb cleaning everything will be fairly priced but like to trade more than sell lmao

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do you think someone would trade a decent and running pug or newer tomos "nice and needing nothing" for a v1lh trike on sachs prima frame with techno pipe runs but don't ride needs finished remount exhaust tune carb/check for air leaks and a drive chain will come with a carabela engine v1 engine and 51cc fan delete kit without piston?? its nice and would keep it but takes up a lot of my space ive done more work to it since the pics all the controls and wires are ran fit the pipe new reeds 14;12 sha starts right up!


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pic of the prima w/v1 carabela b4 teardown


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Nasty Damon Freedom /

I'd be interested in that champ

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cool ill be setup somewhere fri and sat with a uhaul trailer full of stuff ill post up where ill be when I get there or call/text me this weekend 812-204-8935 Jeremy if you need any bs parts I may or may not have em just hit me up and ask

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also the trike has a uber rare limited slip rear differential!!!

Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

Jeremy Husk Wrote:


> also the trike has a uber rare limited slip rear

> differential!!!


Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

wtb: rear euro clutch assembly for a vespa.

Re: WizBiz Buy/Sell Thread

Christopher Jones /

anyone have an av7 crank and a novi nut?

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Also have a stock bore honda C70/CT70 cylinder that has been honed with a ball hone and has brand new rings as well as a parts motor from the 1980's if anyone needs anything... Cylinder is perfect, piston has a scuff here and there but is in great condition.

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Hit me up for the champ or v1l trike have Moby varitors nodded 2balls and brand new ones also have a real nice av7 74cc airsal setup new airsal crank matched cases and nicely ported kit and custom bore head 812 204 8935

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