FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)

For sale is my 1979 Honda Express II. The bike is a legally Vermont registered bike. There have been a few changes in the bike since this photo was taken. Firstly, the stock carb is missing. It was removed for cleaning, and subsequently misplaced after my divorce. And the transmission cover was painted black (by my 10-year old son). Other than that, the ignition is BRAND NEW with 2 keys, the flywheel/magneto are new, the Kenda tires have MAYBE 8 miles on them, and the ignition coil is BRAND NEW...All accessories are with the bike: mirrors, slotted engine cover, etc.

Basically...it needs a good home and someone that can finish the project I started. I don't have the space or the finances to do it.

Serious inquiries only, please.

John Marranca



Re: FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)


Will part out, if necessary.

Re: FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)

How fast?

Re: FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)

how much you want for your coil???

Re: FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)

Still available? ?

Re: FS: 1979 Honda Express II (NA50)

Only 7 years later.

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