FS: 18" MB5 Rims + Tires, MB5 Hydraulic Triple-Tree Forks, MB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake Setup (Plus spare parts!), + MISC.

Doug Wilhelm /
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Hey All,

Set 1: Rims + Tires + Tubes - $200 shipped (Heavy!)

Description: Both rims appear to be pretty true, no guarantees. I've used the front for an extended time and it has a slight untrue spot, not enough to matter. Front rim needs to be re-painted as well, see photos. Rust on both is minor and surface-only. Tires are NEW, used down the block a few times only. Tubes are new / in good condition, from what I can tell. Front wheel comes with the disc rotor, all hardware, speedometer, and spacer. Rear wheel comes with all hardware, brake plate, and a good sprocket!

Set 2: Rear MB5 Shocks - $20 shipped

Description: Both dirty, on missing a spacer, and not entirely sure of how straight they both are.

Set 3: Hydraulic Shocks + Hydraulic Forks - $200 shipped (Heavy!)

Description: Of same / better quality than the EBR forks on Treatland, and they come with the brake setup. Also, I can include the spare master cylinder / caliper for another $20, see photos. (I'd recommend having them just in case, hard to find elsewhere they are not expensive)

Set 4: H/T Coil - $10 shipped

Description: Not tested, but worked when last used in the fall.

Set 5: Gas Tank Cap - $40 shipped

Description: In good shape! Paint is doing well and all stickers appear to be on there still, albeit oldened by time.

*Please PM me if interested, post on here for questions / if any additional photos are needed. No guarantees, but I describe as accurately as I can and provide clear photos.

Also, I have plenty of other MB5 parts, including a few spare bottom ends. Lemme know if you need anything else.

I additionally have a swingarm + frame, if interested in converting a Magnum into a MB5 / Magnum Hybrid!



This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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