WTB: Maxi N Frame

Looking for a Maxi N frame.

I have a swinger frame that is modded to a top-tank but is way to small, looks cool. I love the performance of this ped... just want to do a transplant.

Here what mine looks like now, let me build a rigid.

If you want this frame, let me know. I am 6'1'' and im too big.

Ill keep my fork, 'cause it's new.

any condition. let me know what you have.


Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame


Maxi ns arent bigger than pintos. You would be more comfortable on a Free Spirit or Magnum. Taller shocks and forks.

Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame

I know that, but did you see the mod to the frame?

my knees hit my wrists... a stock pinto would be good, but I'm sitting way, way down.

Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame

Treats has one in stock

Treatland Link

Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame

Salsa Salsa /

your mod to the frame? you mean you lowered the seat?

Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame

- Summerai - Drew /

Maybe the fucked up handlebars are your problem. Get some low rise bars.

Re: WTB: Maxi N Frame

dude, your problem isn't the size of your bike, it's the positioning of your setup. I wanted the sweet cafe look too, but came to terms with the fact that I'm 6'5" and thats not gonna be comfortable unless i'm on a motorcycle. You can't whine about being tall when you're really not that tall. Put some high bars on the thing or some stock bars, or maybe just some riser bars or something. (edited)

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