WTB E50 Engine

I need to purchase a E50 for my Puch. Either running or non running will work, it just needs to be fairly complete.


Re: WTB E50 Engine

drunken mcfrenzy /

whats up, im in town. what parts do you need, or just the whole?

Re: WTB E50 Engine

I'm looking for a whole engine, as complete as i can get. What do you have?

Re: WTB E50 Engine

i got one

its completely disassembled but all there

was going to rebuild but plans have changed

includes.....clutch, stator, flywheel, mainjgear

crankshaft, cylinder, head, piston

$115.00 shipped

Re: WTB E50 Engine

I'm still considering the offer. I will let you know if I'm interested.

Re: WTB E50 Engine


its just sitting on my workbench

waiting for a KStar kit and needle bearing crank

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