FS: 1978 Honda Hobbit 24mi. (Chicago)

This is an original 1978 Honda Hobbit moped. Was owned by my dad who drove it for 24 miles and sat in his basement ever since.

The Good:

Runs and goes 30mph. You will not find one as stock and as original on the market. Lot of fun to ride. Has a custom carrier for a 2" hitch that's handy to transport that comes with.

What is needs:

- A title. I do have the Illinois registration papers and plates from 1982 which will help get the title.

- Needs lock cylindar with keys or I would just hide a kill switch someplace

- Needs a battery for the optional turn signals.

Will sell for best offer.


Re: FS: 1978 Honda Hobbit 24mi. (Chicago)


Re: FS: 1978 Honda Hobbit 24mi. (Chicago)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

Re: FS: 1978 Honda Hobbit 24mi. (Chicago)

I am uploading 32 pictures here. Rainy day in Chicago so I had to shoot within my garage. Should be all uploaded in the next hour.


Note: Before I started it, I did pull off the tank, cleaned it, and painted it rather than all that gunk going through the carb.

Re: FS: 1978 Honda Hobbit 24mi. (Chicago)

$400 shipped to 95401. Offer.

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