Honda proma pipe

Got this pipe in a trade it looks its in good shape other than the baffle looks like it fell off at one point and time and they had a hard time getting it back on. Pipe is painted black and mounting tabs have been cut off. Looking to trade for nc50 express parts. Here is a list of parts I need:

For my orange '78 NC50: Petcock, carb, speedo cable, mirrors, carb cover, air filter box and element, new seat (pan and cover), taillight cover, and ignition with key

For my blue '80 NC50: right side mirror, carb cover, air filter box and element, seat cover (or whole seat), set of leg covers (any color)

Let me know what you got!


Re: Honda proma pipe

i have some '78 parts for ya. i'll verify when i get home, but i'm pretty sure i have a good petcock, carb, speedo cable and a newly covered seat all up for grabs

i'll send ya some pics of the stuff tonight. pm me by tomorrow if i forgot

Re: Honda proma pipe


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