WTB:77 Maxi frame

Central East fla . With SA &

clean tank.

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I've still got that maxi frame. I cleaned the tank. You can buy it for 40 bucks at the columbia rally this weekend

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I'll check it out if I like it

I'll buy it ,I also need a

puch sticker for the back

of my rear view.


Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I'll bring the set of mag wheels too if you bring money!

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I have some of that,ask Shelly.

Bring that sticker 2!


Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

Bring a NEW carb too , 14.12 or 15

bing for stock puch w/biturbo

and your tuneing skills.To make

this thing move!my # is on other

posts my finger & my eyes r done!

Please call

thanks mike.

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I don't have any bing carbs in those sizes. I'm not sure which puch sticker you're looking for. I don't have any of those stickers either.

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

Know anyone that may have 1!

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

Madmatt from STL was getting lots of stickers made...ask him?

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

Christ, Mike; you may as well just have Kev put the moped together for you! :-)

Are you looking for a round Puch sticker? If so, I'll mail one out to your home address....

And Kev...he has $$. Just don't let him spend it all in one spot - he wants my Tri Rad

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

I've got a Batavus minarelli powered trike, I'm not sure he has the money. He keeps saying he wants to "look at it" before he buys, which would be understandable if I didn't provide detailed pictures on request. Window shopping at the Bentley dealership isn't the same as owning a Bentley.

Re: WTB:77 Maxi frame

Don't worry he has the money and will pay!! most on here don't so sent him the pics. I'm building him a ped now its sweet.

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