FS/WTT 1971 Arctic Cat Climber

I have a 1971 Arctic Cat climber minibike up for grabs. My dad and I fixed it up a few years back. Its got a 4HP Tecumseh motor with less than 100 hours on it. It runs about 25 - 30. It has a little too much torque if you ask me. It'll put you on your back if you nail the throttle, its torque converter as well as massive rear sprocket to accredit to that. I am looking for $450 or to trade for a moped. (edited)


Re: FS/WTT 1971 Arctic Cat Climber

Wrong forum. Post in Off topic since that bike has no pedals.

Re: FS/WTT 1971 Arctic Cat Climber

hes trying to sell it so this is the right forum..

anyways, ive ridden this thing, its a variated wheelie poppin beast. goes 30+ would go faster with sprocket change.

Re: FS/WTT 1971 Arctic Cat Climber

Do you have this mini bike still for sale? If so where are you located at?

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