Fs: magnum and peugeot

Nicholas Merrill /

I have a 1980 magnum mk2 and a peugeot 103 lvs-u3 I might be able to deliver to grand rapids for ghost ride. both run, both need some parts to be complete. I dont have any pictures handy right now. I will consider offers for either or both. send me a message if you have interest.

yes I know you want pictures Ill put some up later this evening along with some specifics about each bike.

Re: Fs: magnum and peugeot

Nicholas Merrill /

picture of peugeot. engine has been rebuilt

nos cases

nos electrical

nos flywheel

nos clutch

new fag bearings

newish roller crank

malossi 16mm sha intake

well used sha 14.12

polini reed (I think maybe malossi)

missing headlight glass and tail light as well as rear break cable

it does run but could run better

I spent too much money on this and I havent really touched it for a year

so $400 would be great but feel free to make an offer that you think is fair

peugeot fs.jpg
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