Moby 4 ball variator

Sorry, no pic, but it's all there. Cleaned the shop tonight and found a mess of stuff, most was trash. This is in good, used (obviously) condition, with only 2 balls...which is what you wanted anyways, right?! = faster.

I dunno....13 bucks shipped? If you absolutely must have a pic, I can probably do it, but's a 4 ball variator. We know what they look like.

No ramp plate, just the plastic 4 ball holder and the housing.

Re: Moby 4 ball variator

i'll take it. does it include everything i need to variate a 40t? is the ramp plate something i can swap from my dimoby clutch? i'll email you for your paypal details

Re: Moby 4 ball variator

40T's come with a different sized crank, but it will work. you just need to get funky with the clutch nut and make sure you have the variated clutch, dimoby clutches use a different out clutch size

Re: Moby 4 ball variator


Thanks for the interest.

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