FS: One moped, & motorcycle boo fay

Yep, a veritable boo fey of bikes really. Not all mopeds, but yeah.

'66 CB160 clean title listed for more but would take $1250

The starter shaft is broken off, but I could also include either another used starter shaft, or a whole other bottom end. This one has a bottom off of a CL175, has an extra fifth gear

1981 C70 Passport (no title) $450

She used to start and drive fine. Think something has gummed up the carb or fuel flow. She will start, idle, but when you go to put her in gear she dies out.

1983 VT500C Shadow (title is somewhere in garage) $600

Was laid over by previous owner. I have replaced the carbs on it with rebuilt ones and replaced a front signal. Needs new shift linkage as it hits the case, but will turn over great if you get a new battery in it and will surely run.

1965 Super cub 90cc from thailand, titleable

This one is pretty cool, has Km/hr on the dash, no mph, haha. Dude brought it back in 69 when stationed there, has been in family since. Was an aircraft mechanic, properly maintained. Engine turns over smooth, back left signal and front shield are broke though.

Le trail 90, I'd go $600 on it

Needs a new headlight and front cowl as well as rear wheel. Other than that, just someone that knows the wiring and and a new battery.

Lazer 50, 1977 Sticker says it came from a moped shop in Overland Park

Is missing a throttle, and a few carb bits. The slide and top. Sha 14/12

Really don't know what to ask for this, cool bike. Top tanks are hard for me to find out this way. Tempted to keep it but really don't need to.

Yep, that does it. Let me know if you want any more info on em. If you don't like the price they are all ball park, make an offer. Additionally I have two frames and many parts for the CB160's and another trail 90 (CT200 actually) just missing rear wheel and carb with the engine locked up. I can't really afford to tinker with one with money wrapped up in em all.

Let me know or pass it along.

Jeremy V.

Re: FS: One moped, & motorcycle boo fay

$500 for le trail 90, ordering replacement side stickers tonight for the tank & tracking down a battery. Have been restoring the paint to it's red shine through the magic of rubbing compound and wax!

Anything you like, make an offer. May part out in a week or so.

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