FS: Top Tank Targa Ohio

Ok so I have to many projects and this one needs to go

The Good

A3 bottom end

Installed but never ran Arisal kit

A35 Head

ZA50 cdi

Newish tires

flat bars

14/12 sha

side intake

bi turbo

The Bad

The end of the crank was stripped tapped to 10mm with 1.25 thread problem solved

no tail light

was red someone spray painted the entire thing black

400 bucks takes it, and I can bring it to ghost ride pictures coming soon


Re: FS: Top Tank Targa Ohio

pics, ya it has an estoril in the picture, comes with a bi turbo

tomos fs.jpg
tomos fs 2.jpg

Re: FS: Top Tank Targa Ohio


Re: FS: Top Tank Targa Ohio

someone buy this at ghost ride and I'll drop the price

Re: FS: Top Tank Targa Ohio


Emailed about pick up at ghost ride.

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