Vespa Grande for sale / titles

Richard Head /

I have a Vespa Piaggio Grande(mouthful) that I'm wanting to sell. Runs great(9), but cosmetically(7) I really should probably strip it down and paint it. I got the air filter rigged. Bypassed the key. Needs seat recovered, or replaced. But it starts up quick and runs great. Doesn't even need to warm up really. Can I get $600 for it? Would it be worth it to really make it perfect?

Oh yeah, and no title. It's legit, but in Missouri you don't need a title for mopeds. What about the rest of the world?

Re: Vespa Grande for sale / titles

I'll give you $150....

Re: Vespa Grande for sale / titles

King Of Kings Moped Army /

You gots pics?

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