FS Sachs/Hercules P1 Mid Michigam

'78 Sachs/Hercules P1, nice unmolested lo mile ped. Looks, runs & rides well, appears garaged all it's life and no signs of the dreaded power wash.

New throttle cable, fuel tank and carb flushed and cleaned, new fuel tap, lines and filter, air box and filter complete and nice. New drive chain, pedal chain cleaned and lubed, new rear tire and tube, rear bearings cleaned and lubed. Should have front tire replaced before steady use.

All lights and switches work, speedo reads steady, ped brakes smooth and steady. Seat has a chunk out and a crack.

I've had this unit for 6 years and it's always performed well. Runs an indicated 30+ setting straight up with my 200lbs on.

$475. Ped lives in mid Michigan, can be brought to Ann Arbor this weekend, meet at the Washtenaw Dairy.

Re: FS Sachs/Hercules P1 Mid Michigam


Re: FS Sachs/Hercules P1 Mid Michigam

would you move on your price at all?

Re: FS Sachs/Hercules P1 Mid Michigam

I am interested and live in Ann Arbor. Is the moped still available?

(sorry, sent a PM but don't know if it went through or not, as it does not show in my sent messages)


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