big lot of rad peugeot parts on the cheap. blaster gear within

Doppler 50cc water cooled kit-u know urbody thinks it swell. Transfers enlarged to match the polini cases and malossi long stroke crank. Was 175 new.

Polini race cases- matched to the malossi long stroke crank. The huge hangly ones with the hangy things cases were 250 dollars new

Doppler Clutch pulley- set up for gnarly longevity as the recommendations of the wiki. was 220 new

Doppler exhaust- u know all bout it. Brand new all the hardwares. was 175 new

Doppler er3 variator- boom top o the line Doppler shit- 165 new gotta Doppler belt for dis bitch to was like 30 dollhairs or sumpin.

Doppler spring- again Doppler parts that control that motor motion. 88 bones new

Polini water pump for dat Peugeot stuff. U know the one with the little rubber band thingy fun fun fun 100 monies

Dellorto 19mm phbg ad- clamps on all perfect so its super easy to adjust the idle. Matches the 19mm intake on the cases broseph. 100 new

Sebac shocks- don’t member that length like 340 I guess. 60 billz

Ktm 50 or 80? radiator for the watercooling stuff paid like 70 off ebay.

Hutchinson gp1s- eighty dollars for the set stickiest of icky never seen the road, currently mounted to wheels can remove them for u

Red blade shredder mag u know all futureristic and shit something fucky with the bearings I sell for like forty bucks

Lusito controls they are out of the paper but have never been mounted to anything 45 bucks

I gotta red 103 frame too stock forks and such headset repacked.

Rear spoke wheel.

All of the stuff that would go into the motor build went into a motor build, cases crank kit seals and bearings and such.

Everything else I don’t give a shit how I sell it.

All gone be super cheap. Above I have listed around 1800 dollars in parts. I would sell all of it for 1100. I know it’s a shit tons of money for parts but it’s a little bit off so u don’t go broke building a bike like I did. Come on u know itll rip just get this jazz of my hands.

The only thing on any of these parts that is modded in the transfer shape on the items I mention above.

If nobody wants the whole lot at the above listed price Email me offers! no pms whatsa pm?

If u want pics just go on 1977 and treats all dis new. Or beg me and I will show u. its all at a buddies so it may take a while to get pics.

Paypal the same as the email, let do legit paypal no gifts or whatever if u dropping straight paper on parts no one wants to get fucked over.


Re: big lot of rad peugeot parts on the cheap. blaster gear within

email sent

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