wtb: clip ons

need some 26mm clip ons. i can make 28mm ones work but priority to 26.

super interested in homemade clip ons from some of the more crafty MA army dudes. they dont have to be pretty, im gonna paint them anyways.

lemme know what you got

Re: wtb: clip ons

What angle do you want them at. I could whip up a 26mm set for say $40?

Re: wtb: clip ons

That would be beautiful. Angled back slightly, much like the treats ones, just without the terrible mounting design. They're going on a general five star, so the front sides of the tank sit pretty close to where they'll clip on. Thanks dude!

Re: wtb: clip ons

Ian wait a month and I can make a set at school for freeeeee

Re: wtb: clip ons

dont like waiting.

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