FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

2 1978 Moby 50V complete bikes

both type B, not running, good compression and good cosmetic condition

Titled in PA

Black one I haven't touched.

Blue one has new wiring, cables, brakes and a basic cleaning.

Having a baby so its time for my project bikes to go.

$550 for both prefer not to ship

black 1.JPG
blue 1.JPG
blue 2.JPG

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

I Look Like Shit /

feel like pm'ing me the lowest you'd take for the black one? im still interested, just trying to figure out budget you know?

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v


months later and countless people flaking on me

$400 if you actually show up and continue to take BOTH these home with you.

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

They look great, I sent a PM

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

The black one is a VLA......the blue a 50 V

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

Just buy the shit, already.

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

Mike Piarowski /

If only you lived closer to me

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

Jimbo daddy will buy them

But his Crack is Off Topic!...

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

Sonofabitch.... I would drive down tomorrow if I had the money. FML.

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

PM's/Emails replied to

Re: FS: 2 '78 Moby 50v

Are they titled as in ready to transfer from your name to mine, or are the titles in someone else's name but you have them?

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