FS Puch Maxi

Puch Maxi, 1978, newly powder coated complete with 65 cc engine upgrade, new tires and tubes, complete wiring, new 19m carb with extra jets, performance pipes, and banana seat. Its running, but needs tuned due to fuel mixture issues (no airbox included, which is probably the issue). Don't have the time to ride it as much should or time in the day to upkeep with other projects. Pick up required, but will provide lunch or dinner (Taco Bell!).

Asking 650, negotaiable, but not by much, its worth its weight in parts alone at that price.

Call 765-524-2435

Re: FS Puch Maxi

It might be good to know, this is in Anderson, Indiana.

Re: FS Puch Maxi

Wouldntyou Wannaknow /

pics, man.

Re: FS Puch Maxi

Still for sale

SOLD: FS Puch Maxi

Puch from Anderson Indiana sold, to me. Yay! :)

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