1979 Express II Part out (yellow)


I bought a 1979 Honda Express II recently(yellow). After tearing it down and cleaning I realize its going to be a money pit to get it going again. The bike only has 80 miles...then it sat for 15 years...or so I was told.

The seat is in perfect shape. No rips, tears or fades.

The wheels are in shitty condition but if your interested let me know.

Carb needs all new gaskets and a float needle. But its clean now everything is there. I will throw in the choke and throttle cable if interested.

Gas tank, oil cap and gas cap and in good shape, a little rust in the tank but nothing major. My MB5 is worse.

Parts not available:

Kick starter chain, kick start scroll spring, petcock, chrome rails, baskets,etc. Air cleaner parts.

Just want to make my money back from my poor decision maybe I can help a few of you finish your projects or get back on the road.

PM me with any questions about pricing. Make me an offer. I live in Nashville and will pack and ship everything for cost. Also, I am happy to take detailed pics of any and all parts that are available.



Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

How much do you want for the carb?

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Make me an offer please, shipping will be extra, carb needs gaskets and float needle about $25 in parts. Thanks, Ben

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Well if you are willing to part it out I just need the air fuel ratio screw from the side of the carb.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Hey guys. Im sorry I haven't been responding. Been very busy with work/life. I have some time off tomorrow and I will take pictures of everything and test electrical components.

After I post the pics if you're interested in anything, please make an offer on the parts you're interested in. I honestly don't know the value of some of these parts. Based on the condition of the moped, I don' think I will have a problem making my money back. So just shoot me a fair offer. Shipping will be minimal. I shipped an aftermarket exhaust to someone in Michigan two months ago. Total shipping was $23.00. He made me an offer, it was fair...I shipped it. Sorry, if Im being difficult. Posting pics tomorrow.


Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

is the stator coil for sale?

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

with only 80 miles why does it need so much work to run?

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Moby Express /

in for pics, might need some parts.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Hey Ben,

I'm looking for the exhaust for this. I have an '81 and the exhaust broke in half. Looking for that as well as the bolts that hold the back of it up. Feel free to email me at buyerdude666@yahoo.com as I don't get out here on the forums much, thanks!


Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Having trouble uploading all the pics I took because of my 8.0 camera. I know I can change the settings...but I have already taken a lot of pics. Send me your email if your interested in parts and I will send them.


It sat for 15 years atleast. Tires and brakes alone were going to be almost $75, Carb rebuild 20-30. Battery, $15. Petcock, $30. Two new case bearings, atleast $30. Kick starter chain and that big scroll spring atleast $30. That's $200 minimum to get it running. Not counting other things I find...

The guy before me tried to play mechanic and removed the kickstarter cover and drained the oil. I think he did this cause the drum brakes were frozen and it wouldn't roll... Honestly, I am not sure. But, moisture and rust got the better of all the internals on the left side. I thought I could fix it with evapo rust soak and I got a lot of it, but its too much money for me.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

how about the kickstart arm itself? same as an urban express? if so, i need.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)


I have no idea. You should confirm yourself. I am happy to supply you with a picture though. Please check the flickr link below.



Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

i think it kicks the wrong way, they kick forward and the urban express kicks to the rear.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Yeah, I can't find a microfiche part number....so I can't confirm or deny. Except that the 79 express I have does kick towards the front to start. Good luck.

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

interested in the ignition, tail light cover/screws, and possibly the seat. Can you sent me a pic of the underside of the seat?

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

I have an interest in the following, if you still have them.

front fender

one, or both, of the reflectors and the black spacers between them and the fork that are on each side of the front fork

headlight housing and ring that holds bulb. Don’t need the internal parts.

cover plate that is under the front of the seat and covers the front/top of the carb. It attaches to the frame.

let me know if they are avilable

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Hello, Im interested in the seat and gas cap if available. can you post or email photos? Thanks Kenny..

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

I am selling the gas cap,tank and oil cap as an assembly. The seat is still available. Please check the flickr link for photos.


Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

If anyone lives in Nashville and is interested in the frame and some of the larger pieces, I will sell it for cheap or next to nothing.


Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)

Andrew Kotcher /

do you still have the choke and is it the same as the 80? uses a cable that goes to the top and slightly to the side of the main throttle cable? it would screw in the top i have attached a pic that if you look past the filter hose i made you will see a silver screw sticking up, i have the choke cable but just need the choke assembly that goes into the carb if sold with cable only will take that as well

air filter work around.JPG

Re: 1979 Express II Part out (yellow)


IM sorry but I have sold both the throttle and choke cable.

I still have the complete electrical system minus signals, battery and headlight.

The tank is in good shape with both caps (oil, gas) no petcock.

The seat is in perfect condition. No fades, rips, tears or blemishes.

I still have the CDI.

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