WTB Jet 100 +/-in Louisville area

If anyone in the Louisville KY area has a jet around the 100 range please contact me as I would like to purchase it. I just finished a build on a Motron Minarelli V2 and the 90 jet in the 21mm dellorto is too lean. Im guessing starting around 100 would be a safe bet.

I am willing to pay good money for the jet and also willing to purchase and ship a replacement jet to you. I am just impatient!



Re: WTB Jet 100 +/-in Louisville area

Whoa buddy. That v2 is soundin crazy. I met you at air devils the jet you are looking for is running around in the pocket of one of the nasty action kids. probably damon. Him and clay go to ADI almost every night around like 10:30ish. We will all most likely be there tomorrow around that time. Look for the tall dude with pink and green hair and huge nose ring with a red hobbit.

Re: WTB Jet 100 +/-in Louisville area

Check for air leaks and try adjusting the needle.... I'm not so certain the jet is your issue.

Re: WTB Jet 100 +/-in Louisville area

Timmy Southpark /

You can always block off part of your air cleaner to restrict air flow temporarly until you get jets in. It will atleast get the bike rideable.

But i 2nd Jeremy shays advice. Play with the needle and check for air leaks.

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