1980 Honda Express

This probably isn't the right place for this topic and I hope no one gets pissed at me for it but, I was wondering if anyone has a good idea what I could get for my Honda Express. It's in damn good condition for it's age. I have it tagged and ride it around about once a week. Everything is original on it and it starts up on the first or sencond try. The only bad things are the kicker spring and the low beam on the head light. Since the spring is either broke or came off it's seat, I have to use my hand to crank it. It has 3232 miles. The tires barely have any dryrot to them, it has a tiny bit of surface rust in tight corners of the handlebars and front hub and the paint is a little sun faded. I looked on www.kbb.com but it doesn't have it on there. Theres one on ebay selling for $1,400 but it only has a few hundred miles on it. If anyone can help me out I can email pics. I can't post 'em here because I'm using my phone and it won't let me upload them. If I get an offer for a amount that I like I probably would sell it. I live in York, PA. so it would be a pickup only if I was to sell it.

Re: 1980 Honda Express

Derick Soland /

I wouldn't expect more than like $400-$600 for it depending on the buyer

Re: 1980 Honda Express

Michael Thomas /

What it is selling for and what it SELLS for are two totally different things.

I would not expect more than 200-250 for it. I sold a 1980 for less than $400 and it was pretty much minty fresh.

Re: 1980 Honda Express

I Look Like Shit /

i hope youre not the guy whos been selling the express on CL forrreeevverrr... the one who told me he'd rather junk it than sell it to me for 200

Re: 1980 Honda Express

No, I'm not the guy on CL selling it. I was just trying to get a feel for what to expect to get for it when I'm ready to sell it since I couldn't find anything on the value of it. I appreciate everyones responses, Thank You.

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