3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Need to sell my current projects. Each needs a little something to be totally finished, but 2 of the 3 are almost there. I will put the pictures and descriptions in separate posts since I cant figure out the attachment.

Red 79 A3:

- Disassembled, but there is a complete stock bike with all parts- carb, pipe, motor,etc.

-Engine ran while on the blue bike I am listing.

-New Rings

-New seals and gaskets will go with the bike (not sure if they are needed)

-Has an IL title!

$250 OBO

See next message for the blue one.


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Blue 80 A3:

-Engine ran great (broke a tailight bulb, so not at the moment)

-New rings

-New seals and gaskets all around

-New Techno Circuit pipe

-New one way bearing in clutch

-New points, new external condenser

-New speedo cable

-New Sava's

-Various sized jets go with carb

-Clean IL title

$400 OBO

I cleaned and reassembled every part so everything is lubed up and rolling smoothly.

All fenders, and other bits that were stock can be included in the sale, including stock exhaust. (edited)


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Black 2008 A55:

-Engine runs great, carb needs to be tuned a little for more speed, but I have it set up rich now and it hits about 33-35.

-New Rings (100 miles ago)

-Tecnigas pipe

-Extras: Stock pipe (end was trimmed- in process of removing the baffle), heavy duty clutch-brand new, some various gaskets, a spare dellorto 14-12, some jets, maybe something else I'm still forgetting.

Unfortunately, just a bill of sale for this one.


Note: the finishing needed on this one is very minimal- needs wires attached for lights front and rear. I never hooked them up as I dont ride too far and only in the day.

Im located in Aurora, IL, but can easily deliver to Chicago or the surrounding areas before August 8th. (edited)


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Dominick Mercado /


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

I wish...

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Dominick Mercado /


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Nah. Unless you want em.

I don't know why that "sold" when things are not joke is so funny, but it cracks me up every time.

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

I would be correct in saying you wouldnt want to part out the red A3?

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

I"d buy either the red or blue A3's that you have if someone hasnt already.

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Carter Denny /

If you still have the a55. I would be interested in buying the motor and carb off you. Please pm me a price with shipping to 43701.


Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

Hey guys- The red A3 I would probably part out. The blue one and the A55 I would just assume keep together. I got a couple messages with interest, but nothing sold yet. Lets do this!

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

People asking to buy the blue one- Im outta town til Sunday, first who comes to see me with cash will prollly have it. Let me know what you would like from the red one- could sell complete engine with carb if you want. I would sell the frame/ title/ wheels separately.

Re: 3 Tomos: (A3's and an A55)

See you Sunday. Call/text me for a time.

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