FS - 1959 Riverside/Motobecane Project Central Ohio

Steven Duffy /

It is for sale for $350.00 - that is what I have in it. I had my seat redone for my 1960 Motobecane for $300.00 and not happy with it - see picture. Here is the deal I will sell the $300.00 seat and the 1959 riverside that needs restored for $600.00 and keep the old seat that needs redone. Or sell the 1959 riverside for $300.00 with out the seat. If it doesn't sell by Tuesday 7/31/2012 I will just it it back in the corner till later.It is best if really interest call me 740-522-5192. And the answer is I will not any lower on the price.

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Re: FS - 1959 Riverside/Motobecane Project Central Ohio

Hi Steven, can you tell me about the bike, does it run at all, compression ??? You are looking to seel the older bike 59 correct not the redone one? Sorry just trying to understand for sure what you are wanting to do. The other question any idea how and how much it might cost to ship the bike to maine 04605 zip code? Thanks for you time.



Re: FS - 1959 Riverside/Motobecane Project Central Ohio

Jason Casher /

Part it out. I need some parts.

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