FS 1979 moby 50v

Hey everyone. I hate to do it but im putting up my moby for sale. I bought it all stock with the cylinder exhaust threads stripped and have since done some work to it. Here is all i have replaced:

- new 50cc biturbo kit that only has a couple miles on it

- new dellorto 15.15 SHA

- new grips, belt, motor mounts, most of the cables, gaskets, tubes (still in box)

The motor runs great, it starts without choke or decomp. All the lights and controls work, even the brake light. The issue im having with it is that since putting everything back together the variator is kinda of sluggish, and seems to kinda want to stick. Also i have not done the throttle mod to let the carb completely open up. Also come with old jug/piston/shorty intake/gurtner carb and a trim piece or two. I do not want to part the bike out, asking $400.


Re: FS 1979 moby 50v

Travis Craig /

engine shot


Re: FS 1979 moby 50v

Alejandro Schröeder /

where is this for sale?

Re: FS 1979 moby 50v

Travis Craig /

Sorry, Bowling Green KY

Re: FS 1979 moby 50v

Craig Kenney /

how about you buy a new. stock variator for $70

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