WTB: Batavus M56 Drive Belt

Looking for one of these for a decent price;



Re: WTB: Batavus M56 Drive Belt

What you are looking for dosent exist anymore. However don't lose hope, there is a way to get your Batavus rolling again.

If you want to read the technical explanation on what replacement belt you can get and the debate behind it you can read this: The Great Belt Debate

The cloest belts to what you are looking for are the T5-390 timing belt or a 390-5M-19 belt. THESE DO NOT FIT!!!! But these are the cloest belts that you are going to find to a stock m56 drive belt.


1. Dont try to force the belt on, it wont go. Even if you some how manage to Hult the belt on it will bind the crank and destroy your bearings. It It will also cause the belt to eat itself because it will rub up against the starting plate. Your belt will descenagrate in a matter of miles.

2. Take the pullys that the belt goes around off the engine.

a. To take the clutch pulley off, you will need to unscrew the two philips head screws holding the starting plate, the thing with the little copper nub that the clutch bar presses against to start your bike.

b. Then use circlip pliers to remove the hidden circlip and the front pulley will slide off the crank.

c. To take the back on off, their is a flat spot on the back side of the shaft that the pulley rides on. Use a 13mm wrench to lock the pulley from spinning against the case. Then take off the nut and washers holding on the pulley. Be careful not to lose the key.

3. Lathe down both pulleys. Take about half the total tooth height from the pulleys. If you don't have a lathe, mail them to me and ill take them down.

4. Put everything back on and you will be good to go.

Re: WTB: Batavus M56 Drive Belt


I was actually going to PM you! Wow.. :)

Can I mail them to you to lathe? The intake you made was awesome for the time I had it running!


Re: WTB: Batavus M56 Drive Belt

GalatiEat ThisPizza /

Doug, Contact me on facebook. I'm in the weekly.

The belt does exist. We purchased it about two month's ago.

We had to belts prior. One to large & one to small.

Forced the smaller one on(it was hell)

One kick of the pedals pushed it off.

Slightly larger was to large & Just slipped.

We've been cruising on it for a while with this new belt.

Re: WTB: Batavus M56 Drive Belt

Ross Pometta /

How did the lathe solution work out? I'm worried I'll do more harm than good but I'm running out of patience.

I'm trying to hold out and find a belt for my m56 before resorting to your solution but I'm keeping that in mind as plan B for now.

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