FS Swinger Rigid Frame Michigan

Still for sale rigid swinger frame.

I am selling it for less than I have into the paint. Price not Negotiable. Iwill ship if you pay for it. Got alot of emails but no one has jumped. Everyone wants a better pic cause truly I did put up a shitter.

The color is met flake brown. Close to UPS brown. . It was 3+ after blasting and coating.

Comes with coated engine mount brackets, magneto cover and handlebar brackets......

Any how 250+ shipping or come get it. If there arent 2 pics craigslist has not updated them. Having trouble reducing size to put em here.


Re: FS Swinger Rigid Frame Michigan

Yeah craigslist has not put up the updated photos yet. :( EMAIL ME if you want pics in the mean time. Dont PM me its a nightmare on my jitterbug.

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